Sunday, November 9, 2008

Advices for Hussein


Congratulations on your victory. I confess that I am also very emotioned when Jesse saw the tears in the middle of the crowd in Chicago. He witnessed the death of King and know how much this means all time. Personally, I am also gratified to have dedicated my life to the values and ideals that served as inspiration for achieving that dream.

When the celebrations end, you have to roll up our sleeves and start working hard. We need to enforce the confidence of millions of people of his country and the world that are rooting for their very eleição.Tenho followed closely throughout this crisis is that is true. It's hard see so many people unemployed, and to return their homes and without access to a health plan.

Even though much has changed in those two millennia, situation I like to face in my earthly mission. I was right in the very beginning and toward the training of my team. But suddenly, I wa
s surprised by a crowd of more than 5,000 people hungry and after cure. Many things learned from that experience and, who knows, may also be useful for you:
1. Be faithful to their campaign promises; never forget that all his constituents expect, first of all, you fulfill what it promised;
2. Select your team very well, working alongside creative and people who believe in the same dreams that you proposed to be held;
3. Once in possession, is very clear and honest with his countrymen to reject simplistic solutions and easy formulas; tell everyone that the problems are large and complex and will require time, who knows beyond its mandate;
4. By starting the effort to solve the problems, thank all the abundance of resources that his country already has and prioritize the equal distribution of wealth, without wastage;
5. Never forget that all solutions always start of society, including people, institutions, civil organizations and government, in addition to the companies themselves;
6. And when the results appear positive, always ask our Father to help him resist the temptation of pride that comes with the deceptive thinking that the only merit is his.

A hug the eternal friend JC. "

Friday, February 29, 2008

Who needs no hope ?

"Noah waited seven more days and released a dove again.
She returned to late afternoon, bringing in the nozzle of a leaf green olive.
So Noah was knowing that the water had fallen. "(Gn 8.10, 11)

I needed much of a copy of that document. Confess my dismay when recalled that the original had more than twenty-eight years. Even so I was trying to get a duplicate. When you arrive at the site, I-face with a colleague. To renew the hope. It was the doorman of the institution and then gave me the necessary guidelines. In ten minutes I was with a copy of the document in hand.

It is a simple example. But reminded me the importance of hope. Without it comes the dismay and abatement. But when brings our dreams, recreating the future.

Who needs no hope in a world flooded by skepticism and doubt? The signs of a gloomy future is clear. In Norway, for example, was inaugurated a "Noah's Ark green". Designed to house up to 4.5 million seeds, will act as a safety net food, providing possible natural disasters, wars and climate change.

According to the biblical text transcript above, Noah also needed hope. There were forty days of a flood where only remaining survivors preserved in the chest he built. What adiantava open the window that had done in the trunk? It was just water that way. No signs of life. One scenario monotonous that made it difficult to imagine a more beautiful.

As Noah, I needed an arm of hope. Perhaps this is also their situation. There are certain immediate solution, but the prospect that there will be an exit. For Noah, came in the hope of olive branch brought by the bird. More than a simple piece of tree, the bird has brought hope. And with it important lessons for us all:
1. Do not put things in this world all its hope;
2. Never doubt that in the flood of God said on dry land;
3. Carry on making your task;
4. Be aware that the branches of hope is coming to you;
5. But remember also lead to hope for the lives of others.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Fidel´s “kenosis”

"He had the nature of God, but not tried to be equal to God.

Instead, he opened hand of everything that was his
And took the nature of a servant, becoming equal to humans. "(Php 2.6,7)

In last Tuesday, Fidel, 81, announced the resignation to the presidency of Cuba and his position of commander of the Communist Party after 49 years in the leadership of the island. Fidel, who headed the Cuban Revolution on January 1, 1959, had already transferred his powers to his brother Raul Castro, 76, in July 2006, when it departed the command of the island due to illness.

In an article published in the state newspaper "Granma" the Cuban leader said it will not return to the presidency of the country and that his brother Raul will be the new president. Justifying the decision, said: "Betraying my conscience occupy a responsibility that requires mobility and total delivery when I am not physical conditions of this offer."

In the biblical text transcript above, kenosis is the Greek word used by Paulo with the meaning of "open hand, it is empty" or, as some prefer, "make for itself without any reputation." Kenosis was the attitude of voluntary Jesus, who decided to open hand of your reputation or divine power with humility and assume their human nature.

I hope that the health of Fidel give it a chance to enjoy and share the rewards of his kenosis. Clearly, the weight of age to force the "Commander" to take that decision. Nevertheless, I believe that the gesture of Fidel, in open hand of the prerogatives of formal power, the will resultad very positive, confirming the lessons that experience of the true kenosis of Jesus teaches us:
1. Search minus TO HAVE and more TO BE;
2. Find the wealth that is in the simplicity;
Discover the pleasures of voluntary service;
Be humble and be sure that God the honor.